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Spicing Up Milford: Khu Khu's Vegan Thai is Now in Your Neighbourhood!

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Ready for a fresh twist on Thai cuisine? Visit our new Khu Khu branch in Milford! Enjoy our signature vegan dishes, bursting with Thai-inspired flavours, in a welcoming, vibrant atmosphere. Perfect for social dinners or a foodie treat, our Milford location is all about community and great food. Book your table now and join the Khu Khu family!

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Event & Parties

Spice up your celebrations with Khu Khu! From birthdays to corporate gatherings, our new Milford branch provides a lively, vibrant setting for your events and parties. Feast on our mouthwatering vegan Thai dishes while enjoying the lively atmosphere. We're all about making your special occasions unforgettable. Book your event at Khu Khu Milford today!


91 Kitchener Road, Milford, Auckland 0620

Tuesday to Sunday 5pm to 9pm

09 600 3327

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