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want to work for us?

Flick through your expressions of interest!

Here at Khu Khu we value providing the highest standard of food and service to our customers while maintaining a fun, social atmosphere. We're looking for people eager to upskill, and take their love for hospo and vegan food to the next level! So, if you’re all fun, all flavour, or all vegan, tell us about yourself and join Khu Khu’s team as our next Front of House or Back of House!


What are we looking for?

We pride ourselves on a diverse team hailing from varied backgrounds. But here at Khu Khu, there are three core values that drive us:


  • Putting Customers First:
    Every action we take revolves around our customers. Our mission? To exceed their expectations with every interaction.

  • Learning and Growing:
    With the ever-evolving landscape of our business, continuous learning is crucial. We're all about empowering our team members, nurturing them to lead, regardless of their role. Personal and professional growth isn't just encouraged, it's celebrated.

  • Being a Team Player:
    There's a saying at Khu Khu: "No individual is bigger than the team." We emphasize cooperation, lending a hand, and creating a positive atmosphere. It's all about the collective spirit and sharing those good vibes!​


“Khu Khu has helped me gain confidence inside and outside of work. I’m treated very well, the hours are great and I love that we get lots of opportunities to grow within Khu Khu. Khu Khu sets me up for a good future.”

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