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Not a Blind Date. Not Speed Dating. Make Real Connections With No Awkwardness.

Hey, we get it, dating is hard. Endlessly scrolling through apps to get nowhere. Or what about making friends? Hard right? So how about a chance to meet some new people in maybe the most fun and chill environment ever? Give us a better idea, we'll wait!

No worries about who you want to meet, we just want you to make connections in a fun way. You'll be put into teams to play some fun (and slightly ridiculous) games so you can chat, compete and learn more about each other in a chill way with no pressure. Meet people who share the same interests and values as you all in the same room. No more awkward small talk and ice breakers! Enjoy a few drinks and guarantee yourself a good time. At the end of the night we will exchange contact details for you with anyone you made a connection with.

FREE DRINK on entry at 6.30pm and unlimited food all night long. PLUS an awesome dance performance after the games are over!

So you're keen to come along? Great news! You don't have to go anywhere, register here. As much as we'd love to have the full Auckland dating scene join us, tickets are limited and not necessarily guaranteed so please share your details and we'll get in touch with you SOON!

$40 per person

Register here